12pm - 5pm

JACC - ALL 80s Sunday

Playing all your favourite tunes from the 80s non-stop. 

The 80's, yes, was one of the wildest, freakiest, musical eras that comes close to the 50's rock n roll era. sure make fun of the hair, the outfits, the way we danced (it surely was the best cardiovascular workout ever!!) to the greatest most fun songs!! I am so glad I could enjoy the likes of Duran, Dixie Midnight runners, Bananarama, Men Without Hats etc... we were happy in those times.

A decade of flashy colors, yuppies, bad hairstyle and gated snare drums. The 1980s is also the era of the catchiest of pop tunes. And of course - it is the decade of the music video. The Buggles' Video Killed the Radio Star is from 1979, but no song says "welcome to the futuristic 1980s" better. The singer Trevor Horn is also one of the star producers of the decade, being the hand between super hits like Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax (1983), Yes' Owner of a Lonely Heart (1984) and Grace Jones' Slave to the Rhythm (1985).

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon with JACC.

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